Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Tipsters and Free Tips

Todays Tips = If You Fancy
I haven't posted here in eighteen months although I'm still betting and making a reasonable profit, but my betting strategy is based on what's happening in the moment on horses, liking names and gut feeling. Longer term forecasts can't be really trusted from me, although I'm on a free daily tip list from  FreeRacingTips and their premium tips generally win and pay for drinks and takeaways.

Last week I had my normal bet but two names stood out for me one was "Beautiful Ben" a 7/1 longest price in a seven horse race , no chance, and "Little Robin" cos my friend's son is called Robin a 5/1 second favourite the first won at 8/1 and the second at 5/1 along with another that came second at 4/1 which resulted in a £50 return for a completely unresearched bet.

If you click on the tips pic you get a free sign up offer from Betfair.

Free Racing Tips

I've subscribed to others who promise the earth, demand subscription fees and if you do sign up all of a sudden they have a "bad run". Most of these tipsters I think make a small killing from subscriptions rather than their own tips.

I also do football bets based on over 1.5 or 2.5 goals in games , usually 4/3 perms at 50p or 5/4/3 perms at 20p.

Todays bet is 3 x 60p singles and a 40p e/w trixie , my normal daily bet, which you could try as a freebie on Betfair if you are not a member. These are all names I like, one is a favourite, one is a second favourite and one gets a good review.

This could be my last post on here for a while unless that one comes in. Have a good day.

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

You Never See A Poor Bookie

In January 2015 I took redundancy , and kept busy at Geek Talent and Oxfam before landing a new job. I still had a decent chuck of reduncy money left and thought I would indulge myself on paying for horse racing tips. Basically the advice was that you bet 10% of your pot and you make lots of money ..... so they say. Anyway the cost of this tipster was £100 a month, but I set aside £500 to play with and if I lost it then it would stop. The cost of the tips was factored into my trial , but the advertised earnings looked too good to be true.

The first few weeks went fairly well and at one point I was £300 in profit , but then things started to fall apart. One of the problems was that the tips were at odds of evens or less, which meant if you lost a bet then it would take two more wins to get back on track (this is one one bet a day). The other thing is that you need to bet at least £50 at those odds to have a reasonable return. Anyway they seemed to be getting more desperate but tempted me back with one final month for £50. The first week seemed to be back on track then back to the usual failures. At this point including the £250 I'd paid for the service I was £350 down on the trial , so hadn't hit the £500 loss limit I had set myself.

Then I found FreeRacingTips

Free Racing Tips

These lot actually give away a free each way tip every day (today's lost) , but have a few plans for £9 a month , which is very reasonable., so I decided to give these lot a try, to see if I could actually make a go of this. I went for their lucky 15 , which is a combination of four bets , and I do a bit of rearranging , but  you can do this with  small outlay. Anyway I've been using them for about three weeks now and had a lot of days where I've got nothing but some days with good returns. My bets are around £25 a day, and I promised I would right a review of their service if they took me back into profit. Well it's been creeping up very slowly but going in the right direction. Last week on two days I got £100  and another couple of days had £20 - £30. Yesterday I took £100  , then today three bets have won , which was looking good, but went on to Betfair to see how it was going and had an option to cash out with the final horse remaining - my cash out option was £300. I didn't have to think about that one as that has taken my betting trial well into profit.

My Shot of the Finishof the 2010 Epsom Derby
The beauty of these guys is that their tips, when they win, bring is a good return. That means your bets are smaller , so when you do lose, which you will do , more often than not, it doesn't really bother you, because the wins pay excellent returns. I've corresponded with them and they seem really good people. If you combine them with a Betfair account then it's possible to make a bit of money on the side.

Just remember that as soon as you make a bet it's in the bookies pocket, and never bet what you can't afford to throw away.

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Free Tips For 17/2/2018

Todays Tips 3:15 Haydock, 2:20 Lingfield, 3:00 Ascot
I know I haven't kept this up but I'm now betting less  but winning a decent amount and finding great amusement and some of the claims that drop into my inbox. One was for £1500 OFF a monthly tips subscription. That's more that a lot of people's take home pay and would take a lot of wins and nerve to put you into profit. Others mail me about the six winners they've had today or the 29 out of 30 winners they've had this month.

One guy had a semi good idea. Two long odds horses  with singles and doubles each way. I only saw it win once in two months and that was a day I didn't put a bet on. I was doing two 50p singles and a 50p e/w double.

One decent free tip is the Timeform Stat Selector that's published each day at around 10:30 / 11 on their APP. That tends to win more often than not. I now put on a 40p e/w trixie and three 60p singles.

I've included my tipes for today.

The general rule with betting is:

"You Lose Some, You Lose Some More"

Have a winning Saturday

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Free Tips For 03/6/2017 - Epsom Derby Day

Free Tips For Epsom
I haven't posted since February, because I haven't been able to predict enough winners to share with you. Yes I've maintained a decent return mainly from last minute bets , and horses that have served me well in the past or I like the name of. One of the reasons I enjoy betting is the statistical analysis (sad I know) which is great when it pays off, but when you put 50p on a 40/1 outsider because you like the name, that sort of says it all.

I've stopped subscribing to by tipster because the only guarantee was that the horse would come last (with the odd exception) , my profits dipped below 2K so that was the cut off. I am amazed at the number of tipsters who predict "guaranteed" winners. You're not guaranteed a winner even in a one horse race, it could fall or be pulled up or be disqualified!!

I think these tipsters make a tidy sum from loyal subscribers, if you have 500 subscribers paying £15 a month , that's £7.5 a month which is a reasonable income for something which may not be a success. I was paying £9 a month , betting £10 a day, so now I'm on your own.

It's Epsom Derby day and my tips are at the top. Good luck if you use them . I put a 30p e/w trixie and 3 one pound singles on. If you can get a free bet somewhere it's worth a punt, or you can sign up for a lot of the big betting sites through TopCashBack and get free bets and cashback.

Have a great day everyone.

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Free Tips For 26/2/2017

Our last tip brought back £2.5 for a five pound ;ay out . Yesterday I didn't publish as the three I chose were very long odds, and typically I got one win and two places resulting in £28 back for a £7 bet. Here's the proof:

Yesterdays .. which I didn't share

This is the thing , very often my winnings are last minute bets that come in. Remember that for every win there are several bombs. Anyway here's three for today, which even if we get two will give a nice return. Good luck all

Free Tips For 26/2/2017

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Free Tips For 23/2/2017

Eleven days since my last tips which brought back 50p for a £5 stake. Today I suggest a 60p e/w trixie on the three below as two are fairly short odds. We're £34 in the red at the moment, but as I say , the point of this is to turn a profit ... eventually.

Actinpieces is at Huntingdon, the other two are at Sedgefield

Free Tips For 23/2/2017
The Story So Far

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Free Tips For 12/2/2017

Another small profit last time out from a 9/2 winner and a 9/2 place. Here's today's tips for you, and I am sure we will keep moving in the right direction. I know the weather is miserable but it is Sunday and if you are lucky you won't be at work.

It's funny a lot of the racecourse that I bet on , I don't have a clue where they are . Fairyhouse , Naas and Leopardstown are a few and I always thought Lingfield was in Ireland (it's in Surrey)  and Thirsk was in Scotland (It's in Yorkshire and has some excellent cafes) !!

Free Tips For 12/2/2017
So Far... So ....