Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Tipsters and Free Tips

Todays Tips = If You Fancy
I haven't posted here in eighteen months although I'm still betting and making a reasonable profit, but my betting strategy is based on what's happening in the moment on horses, liking names and gut feeling. Longer term forecasts can't be really trusted from me, although I'm on a free daily tip list from  FreeRacingTips and their premium tips generally win and pay for drinks and takeaways.

Last week I had my normal bet but two names stood out for me one was "Beautiful Ben" a 7/1 longest price in a seven horse race , no chance, and "Little Robin" cos my friend's son is called Robin a 5/1 second favourite the first won at 8/1 and the second at 5/1 along with another that came second at 4/1 which resulted in a £50 return for a completely unresearched bet.

If you click on the tips pic you get a free sign up offer from Betfair.

Free Racing Tips

I've subscribed to others who promise the earth, demand subscription fees and if you do sign up all of a sudden they have a "bad run". Most of these tipsters I think make a small killing from subscriptions rather than their own tips.

I also do football bets based on over 1.5 or 2.5 goals in games , usually 4/3 perms at 50p or 5/4/3 perms at 20p.

Todays bet is 3 x 60p singles and a 40p e/w trixie , my normal daily bet, which you could try as a freebie on Betfair if you are not a member. These are all names I like, one is a favourite, one is a second favourite and one gets a good review.

This could be my last post on here for a while unless that one comes in. Have a good day.

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